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COVID-19 Counseling Procedures

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Hello Everyone! I decided to briefly inform current clients and potential clients about what JL Counseling is doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and also give my clients the peace of mind of knowing that their services do not have to be interrupted or postponed. This has been most recently updated September 5, 2020.

  1. I will continue doing teletherapy sessions ONLY until further notice.

  2. Upon returning to the office, a COVID-19 liability release must be signed by ALL clients opting for in-person sessions. Temperature checks and a health questionnaire will be required at the beginning of each session.

  3. ALL face to face appointments will require therapist and clients and any family/friends/children attending therapy to wear a mask. NO EXCEPTIONS. If the client(s) does not have a mask your appointment will be rescheduled until you have one. If your family/friend/children do not have masks they will have to sit in the car, hallway, or if they are small children and an adult is not able to watch them your appointment will be rescheduled. JL COUNSELING WILL NOT PROVIDE MASKS.

  4. If you or someone in your home has been sick or shown symptoms of sickness in the last week I ask that you reschedule your appointment.

  5. I understand everyone cannot always get a childcare provider so please ensure your children have masks as well or schedule a teletherapy appointment if they don’t comply with keeping masks on.

  6. ALL appointments including teletherapy will be 45-50 mins long to allow for time to sanitize in-between sessions.

  7. There will be no changes in fees.

  8. I have hired a cleaning service to ensure that my office is cleaned regularly.

I will continue to update this as new developments are presented. The best way to contact me is via telephone, email, or the patient portal. Stay safe, stay calm, stay healthy.

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