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Doula/Birth Coaching

JL Counseling's Perinatal Mental Wellness Center provides doula/birth coaching services as well as childbirth education classes. 

Jessica Latin, PMH-C, Doula/Professional Birth Coach is trained to provide you with physical, emotional, and spiritual support throughout your pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and postpartum. Doulas are NOT medical providers and cannot give medical advice.


What does a doula do and what are the benefits?

  • Empowering clients and their partners to advocate for themselves with their medical provider

  • Decrease the use or need for pain relief medication during labor

  • Decrease incidence of C-Sections

  • Decrease in the length of labor

  • Decrease in negative childbirth experiences

  • Assistance with developing birth plan/preferences

  • Preparation with childbirth

  • Educating clients on their bodies, childbirth, and how to take care of their baby

  • Attention to physical comfort through techniques such as touch and massage and assistance with breathing

  • Emotional reassurance, comfort and encouragement

  • Information about what's happening during labor and the postpartum period, including explanations of procedures

  • Help with facilitating communication between you and the hospital staff

  • Guidance and support for loved ones

  • Assistance with chestfeeding/breastfeeding

FUN FACT: Jessica is the ONLY Perinatal Mental Health Certified Doula in the Shreveport-Bossier area!

Why does mama's mental health matter during pregnancy/postpartum?


Taking care of your mental health during and after your pregnancy will help to ensure you are providing the best care for your baby to be healthy and thrive. It will also ensure you can be the best mother you can be. Untreated mental health concerns and stress contributes to preterm birth, pregnancy loss, as well as a number of other physical and mental health problems that can even be passed along to your baby in the womb and can have lifelong effects.



"Mindful Mama"Doula Package includes:

Once a month in-person and/or virtual birth coaching sessions

Childbirth education

1 doctor/midwife visit

Phone/Text Support (24-hour on call after 38 weeks)

Labor & Delivery Support

Perinatal Mental Health Self-Report Screenings* (Up to 3 prenatal and 2 postpartum-referrals to a mental health provider will be provided for positive screens)

Perinatal Mental Wellness Journal

Motherhood/Birth affirmation cards

Birth letter/newborn letter development

Postpartum Care Plan

(3) 60 minute daytime postpartum visits

Access to community resource list

Cost: $975* (payment plans available)

*Teen moms or young adult moms (under 24) can receive a special discounted rate based on income. Contact for more information. 

Bereavement Doula Support includes: Loss support, decision making support, 6 weekly 1 hr. postpartum support in-person or virtual, grief and loss/mental health resources.

Cost: $500 (payment plans available)

Childbirth Education: $25 per individual or $40 for birthing parent and birth partner

Call today or click below for a FREE doula/birth coaching consultation!

*Please note that I can not dually practice as a client's therapist AND doula. How we start is how we finish. If I am working as your doula and you are experiencing some mental health concerns it is imperative that you reach out to your own personal mental health provider. A resource list will also be provided.

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