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Mental Health in the Workplace
Professional Team Building

Lack of professionalism and mental health awareness can help make or break your company. Low company morale  can decrease employee performance and reduce the amount of money your company could potentially be making. Addressing mental health within your company and ensuring that your staff is functioning at it's best level is an important quality that is vital to our economy as a whole.


JL Counseling can contract with your company's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at a lower rate to provide mental health counseling for your company employees for various life and mental issues but especially following a lay-off, a death, tragedy, or traumatic event. We also can conduct a team building session for small businesses.


JL Counseling can also work with entrepreneurs to help them learn to balance their mental health and their business. We have presented this topic, "MINDing Your Business: Managing Stress and Maintaining a Healthy Work/Home Life Balance  to entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, teachers and more at events brought to you by 1 Million Cups, the Shreveport-Bossier African-American Chamber of Commerce, Turner Elementary and many more corporations/organizations.

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