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Corporate Mental Health Consulting

Having a lack of professionalism and mental health awareness can significantly impact your company's success. When company morale is low, it affects employee performance and ultimately impacts the company's potential earnings. Recognizing and addressing mental health in your workplace is crucial for the overall health of our economy.

At JL Counseling, we offer corporate mental health consulting services that can be integrated into your company's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or via a monthly retainer fee for priority therapy sessions for your employees.  We provide counseling for employees dealing with various life and mental health issues, particularly after events like layoffs, tragedies, or traumatic incidents. Additionally, we conduct team-building sessions suitable for small businesses.

Furthermore, our consulting services extend to entrepreneurs, helping them find a balance between their mental well-being and business responsibilities. We've delivered presentations on this topic, titled "MINDing Your Business: Managing Stress and Maintaining a Healthy Work/Home Life Balance," to entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, educators, and other professionals at events hosted by organizations like 1 Million Cups, the Shreveport-Bossier African-American Chamber of Commerce, Turner Elementary, Sovereign Pharmaceuticals (Fort Worth, TX) and numerous other corporations and institutions.

MINDing Your Business
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