JL Counseling provides individual therapy sessions to people seeking help with for a variety of issues, for example: domestic violence, maternal mental health, depression, anxiety, employment issues, relationship problems, eating disorders, anger issues, acute/chronic stress, trauma, balancing work and family, adjusting to recent or upcoming changes, etc. A treatment plan will be developed to help guide therapy along and to help set clear goals for the individual. Length of time in therapy varies per person. Some people may need a couple of sessions and others may need more. It is important to remember that quality of care is vital to your overall wellness and the counseling process should not be rushed. 

*Those who are actively suicidal or psychotic will need inpatient treatment prior to receiving outpatient therapy with JL Counseling. 

*Those who are actively abusing illegal substances and alcohol will need detox and inpatient treatment prior to receiving outpatient therapy with JL Counseling.

Currently Accepting New Patients in Louisiana and Georgia!!!

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Shreveport, LA 71101

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