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Concierge Therapy/Coaching

Do you have a unique lifestyle or career that is not conducive for traditional therapy services? 


Concierge mental health therapy offers tailored counseling services aimed at addressing mental health concerns through therapeutic interventions. This personalized approach ensures individualized treatment plans to support your emotional well-being and personal growth.

Conversely, life coaching services focus on goal-setting, personal development, and achieving desired outcomes in various life domains. Distinct from therapy, coaching emphasizes empowering individuals to enhance their strengths, overcome obstacles, and achieve specific life goals through guidance and accountability.

Benefits of concierge mental health therapy include:

1. Personalized Therapeutic Care: Tailored treatment plans addressing mental health concerns, fostering emotional well-being through therapeutic interventions.

2. Flexibility and Convenience: Sessions scheduled at your preferred times and locations, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine, whether in-person or virtually.

3. Enhanced Privacy and Confidentiality: Private and secure sessions promoting a confidential therapeutic environment, facilitating a deeper level of trust and comfort.

4. Access to Premium Therapeutic Support: Access to comprehensive therapeutic resources, facilitating a more holistic approach to mental health care.

On the other hand, life coaching services provide:

1. Goal-Oriented Approach: Focused on setting and achieving personal and professional goals, guiding individuals toward desired outcomes.

2. Personal Development: Empowering individuals to enhance strengths, overcome obstacles, and develop strategies for personal growth and success.

Both services offer distinct approaches to support individuals in different aspects of their lives, catering to their unique needs and objectives.

Starting Rates: $375+

*Therapist and client must agree on the location of services. 

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