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"Renewing Lives from the Inside Out"
My Approach

I approach counseling from a cognitive-behavioral perspective in that patterns of thoughts and actions are explored in order to better understand the clients’ problems and to develop solutions. I work with clients in a variety of formats, including individually, as couples and as families. I also conduct group therapy. I see clients of all ages and backgrounds with the exception that I do not work individually with children under the age of nine years old unless it is family therapy.

About Us

I am a wife and a mother of two. I use my personal experiences  and professional training to help my clients successfully guide themselves through life's transitions. I am passionate about maternal mental health and domestic violence and I have committed my spare time to helping bring awareness to both these causes. 



Provides guidance for life's everyday problems including but not limited to stress, relationship issues, trauma, grief, and life transitions.

Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daug


Mental Health

I help women to achieve maternal wellness before, during and after pregnancy and navigate through the ups and downs of motherhood, and to heal from stress, anxiety, depression, and fears that affects daily functioning, relationships, and overall parenting. 

Couple Meditating



Assisting whole individuals to become true power couples and achieve their relationship goals.

Happy Family in Nature



Promoting healthy boundaries and communication, restoring relationships, and healing generational trauma.

Therapy Sessions

Getting Help

I want to applaud you for taking the first step towards wellness. Asking for help is a difficult thing. Together we can help fight the stigma surrounding mental health while helping you achieve your goals. Thanks for choosing JL Counseling.

Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. 
-Nido Quebein
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