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Change Me

Change is hard. It can also be scary. It’s the equivalent to not knowing what’s behind a locked door. One thing I do know is that although change may not come easier, the outcomes are usually (in my experience) have been greater than the behavior or situation I was previously engaging in.

We are all constantly changing. If you aren’t changing then something is wrong. If you have the same mindset or even dress the same as you did 10-20 plus years ago then it’s time for something new. We are all at different levels in our desire and motivation to change. Here are the stages of change and examples of each:

1. PreContemplation- “I’m happy with my weight even if I am fat. These people are just jealous. I’m going to enjoy every last bit of my fried foods and sweets!”

2. Contemplation- “Gosh, this is the third person to ask me if I’m pregnant this week. I think I may need to lose some pounds.”

3. Preparation- “I just got a membership to the gym and brought the groceries to meal prep for the week.”

4. Action- “I have been working out at the gym consistently for 2 months, 3 times a week for 45 minutes. I have been eating smaller portions and limiting my sweets.”

5. Maintenance- “It’s been 6 months and I have gradually increased working out to 4 days a week for one hour. I reward myself every now and then but I always make sure I am eating more healthy foods than not.”

6. Relapse- “Dang, it’s the holidays and my mama cooked all my favorites. I ate way too much. I was doing so good. I’m so disappointed in breaking my good streak.”

It is important to know that at times we may be tempted to relapse and may actually return to those bad habits but I want to encourage you to not give up and do not let on small or big mistake negate all of the hard work you have put in. Make plans for what you will do if tempted during your season of change. If you would like more help with making some changes in your life, contact JL Counseling to schedule an appointment.

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